Graphic Design, Website Development, and Printing Services


Images is a graphic design, web development and print studio in London, Ontario, Canada


We’ve got deep roots in London after being in business for over 40 years. Founded as a commercial photography studio, we transitioned into graphic design three decades ago with a specialization in print production. The digital era has had a significant impact on marketing. More recently, web development has been totally transformed by mobile platforms. 

While some companies preach a mobile first approach to design, we prefer to remain client first and choose the appropriate medium and solution for the task.

We believe that every project, regardless of the scope or the size of the client, deserves our best effort. We work closely with clients to optimize their budgets.


Recent Projects

Compassion Canada

Compassion is one of the world's leading child development organizations. An illustrated map helps supporter and sponsored child to understand their connection.


Unmuzzled Ox

Unmuzzled Ox offers training and coaching for donor development to ministry workers. The brand reflects a fresh and dynamic approach to the mission.


ZU Clean Living

ZU is a new bio-care cleaning product line that is distributed through network marketing and hosted demos. We developed the brand identity including the naming, concept, packaging and slogan.